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  • Bertha Pritchett, WBNG Staffer (1972-2002), Fondly Remembered
    Bertha Pritchett, who served as the Local 32035 accountant for three decades, passed away Oct. 3. She continued to consult on financial matters after her retirement from the Guild office 13 years ago.
    A Local 32035 reflection

    Two Units Make Big Wage Gains
    The 100 Guild members at Radio Free Asia have ratified a three-year agreement providing January wage hikes that will be 1 percent above the increases realized by federal employees. At United Way Worldwide, six WBNG-represented employees have secured a one-year contract extension featuring a 3 percent pay boost.

    Bloomberg Analysis: Amazon's 401(k) Plan Is 'Pretty Brutal'
    An Aug. 26 Washington Post Facebook dispatch notes that "Amazon's 401(k) plan came in dead last among the Top 50 S&P 500 companies" in a report by Bloomberg Business. The story credits the Post's parent company's relatively low match and sole reliance on its own stock in employees' retirement plans. Full story

    Front Page, Guild Service Awards
    Bloomberg-BNA reporter Amena Saiyid was the Grand Prize winner in the Front Page Awards for 2014. The awards were for work at publications covered by WBNG collective bargaining agreements. The work of Guild Service Award winners also was honored. Full story

    Two-Year Agreement at WashPost
    WBNG members ratified a two-year contract featuring the largest general pay increase in more than a decade.
    Guild videos: Speaking Out A Call to Action  
    "What Would You Say to Jeff Bezos?"


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