2017-2019 WBNG Executive Council 

Localwide Officers (4)

President: Robert Struckman (AFL-CIO)
Vice President: Elise Bryant (At-Large)
Treasurer: Tim Fitzgerald (American Postal Workers Union)
Secretary: David DeJesus (Washington Post)

Localwide At-Large delegates (5)

Jazmin Gargoum (At-Large)
Gabe Gonzalez (AFL-CIO)
Mark Gruenberg (At-Large)
Matt Losak (At-Large)
Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service)

Small Units “unit” delegates (6)

Unit Chair: Ed Fortney (Local 500 SEIU)
Jeremy Sprinkle (North Carolina State AFL-CIO)
Keith Barnes (At-Large)
Ramon Zepeda (Student Action with Farmworkers)
Seth Dietz (Local 500 SEIU)
Chris Garlock (Metro Washington AFL-CIO)
Sam Nelson (Jobs with Justice)

Unit chairs at shops (7) with more than 50 dues-paying Guild members

Scott Dance (Baltimore Sun, Unit Chair)
Dan Gabor (AFL-CIO, Unit Chair)
Laura Francis (Bloomberg-BNA, Unit Chair)
Freddy Kunkle (Washington Post, Unit Co-Chair)
Don Griesheimer (American Nurses Association, Interim Unit Chair)
Lydia Ealey (UFCW, Unit Chair)
Karma Zurkhang (Radio Free Asia, Unit Chair)

Additional delegates, from shops (2) with more than 200 members

Steve Cook (Bloomberg-BNA)
Justin Moyer (Washington Post)