2015-2016 WBNG Executive Council

Localwide Officers (4)

President: Sheila Lindsay (American Nurses Assocation)
Vice President: Amy Lampkin (AFL-CIO)
Treasurer: Tim Fitzgerald (American Postal Workers Union)
Secretary: Mikhail Romanov (UFCW)

Localwide At-Large delegates (5)

Jazmin Gargoum (At-Large)
Gabe Gonzalez (AFL-CIO)
Mark Gruenberg (At Large)
Matt Losak (At Large)
Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service)

Small Units “unit” delegates (6)

Unit Chair: Ed Fortney (Local 500 SEIU)
Unit Vice Chair: Chris Stergalas (Working America)
Keith Barnes (At Large)
Lauren Byers (AFT-NEROP)
Seth Dietz (Local 500 SEIU)
Renato Mendoza (CASA de Maryland)
Sam Nelson (Jobs with Justice)

Unit chairs at shops (7) with more than 50 dues-paying Guild members

Scott Dance (Baltimore Sun)
Yvette De La Cruz (AFL-CIO)
Laura Francis (Bloomberg-BNA)
Freddy Kunkle (Washington Post co-chair)
* Anthony Wilson  (American Nurses Association; co-Vice Chair)
Alan Troyan (UFCW)
Karma Zurkhang (Radio Free Asia)

* Appointed by unit chair who currently serves as a WBNG officer

Additional delegates, from shops (2) with more than 200 members

David DeJesus (Washington Post co-chair)
Benjamin Cooper (Bloomberg-BNA)