September 15, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Elise Bryant, Matt Losak, Gabe Gonzalez, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Pattinson, Ben Cooper, Sheila Lindsey, Tim Fitzgerald, Robert Struckman, Seth Dietz, Ed Fortney, Dan Gabor, Justin Moyer, Chris Garlock

Staff and Guests Present: Rick Ehrmann, Paul Reilly, Cet Parks, Huidong Cao, Luke Canfora Excused Absence EC members: David DeJesus, Ramon Zepeda, Sam Nelson

Meeting was called to order. Citing the bylaws, which state that the President doesn’t dictate the agenda, Mark made a motion to move “Presiding Over the Meeting” to old business, from “Good and Welfare”. Jazmin Gargoum seconded. Robert Struckman voiced his opposition. There was discussion over moving the topic, and a vote was taken, and the Motion Passed.

I. Financials

August 2018

  • Cet Parks and Tim Fitzgerald provided an update on the August financials.
  • Ben Cooper requested a warning to the EC at any point at which we’d have to liquidate anything. It was confirmed that this is current practice and will continue to be.
  • Matt Losak asked whether we have we considered a line of credit. President Struckman suggested posing that question to the finance committee meeting happening on Tuesday. Jazmin Gargoum questioned when the finance committee meeting had been scheduled and what was done to get notice to anyone in the general membership who wanted to participate. Tim Fitzgerald responded that it had just been set. President Struckman said that he would have Nancy Banks send the notice.
  • There was discussion on the legal fees for Lanetix. Matt Losak motioned to pass the August financials, seconded by Elise Bryant.
  • Tim Fitzgerald brought up the recurring charge on Bob Paul’s bill for discipline of Robert Struckman and questioned why there continue to be charges on a discipline issue that has not been disclosed to the EC, and if his discipline was the reason he has been removed from the DC office.
  • Robert Struckman did not answer questions regarding his discipline issue. Jazmin Gargoum stated that we should be aware of what our dues are paying for, as we are with all discipline issues, and that the President should be held to a higher standard instead of being allowed to cover up what he is being disciplined for.
  • There was more discussion on the issue. Chris Garlock called the question. Motion passed.

July 2018

  • Sheila Lindsay moved to approve the July financials. Matt Losak seconded. Motion to approve July financials

II. New Business

2018 Election & Timeline

  • 2018 election and timeline discussion included pros and cons of mail-in in-house, and whether to use an agency.
  • Cet Parks – DOL wants to meet with officers by The EC needs to decide whether we are using an agency, mail ballot, or other options.
  • Ben Cooper asks can we nominate people at the General Membership without a quorum. Robert Struckman and Cet Parks respond yes, we can nominate by petition, and that is something that is commonly done. Ben Cooper states tentative ERC by October meeting.
  • Gabe Gonzalez states a larger ERC in case anyone is running and needs to step down.
  • Mark Pattison states in terms of precedent, ERC can be elected annually, but we tend to think of it leading up to the election. We should establish establish it now.
  • Rick Ehrmann states his hopes the council puts sufficient weight on the fact that a new unit comes in nearly every month, and its nonstop work for staff in bargaining prep and bargaining, and they won’t be in a position to do much assisting in the election process. If we can bring in a 3rd party, it would likely help getting new units in.
  • Gabe Gonzalez motions to set the ERC in October, with a notice sent to unit leadership on their appointments, and to vote on the election schedule and have definitive costs from outside vendors at that meeting. Seconded by Matt Losak.
  • Further discussion on the motion,  Ben Cooper asks is it possible to lock down some of the dates tentatively on this schedule.
  • Elise Bryant ask to get someone from CWA to do the training for each of our 30 units rather than using an outside vendor.
  • Jazmin Gargoum questions how we reach out to at-large members. Matt Losak suggested that Jazmin should talk to Ed Fortney. Maybe any unit that didn’t attend a meeting should be de facto sent mail-in ballots.
  • Motion Passes to set the ERC in October, with a notice sent to unit leadership on their appointments, and to vote on the election schedule and have definitive costs from outside vendors at that meeting.

III. Old Business

CWA 2018 District 2-13 Local Leadership Conference

  • Matt Losak moves to pass on this. Ben Cooper seconds. Motion passes.

AFT NEROP All Union Fund Request

  • AFT NEROP came to the last meeting and we discussed this with them. We’ve asked them to provide a proposal. They have not done so yet, so we’ll table until they do. Generally, the council is in favor the request, but we’d like to see the proposal.

T-Shirts & Other Items for Organizing

  • Robert Struckman has spoken to different units and done a bit of pricing. He sent a mock-up to BNA, but they haven’t responded yet. He’s priced some out at Mitchell Publishing. Or they can look at a different place. Robert Struckman would propose around $1,000 for a test run with BNA.
  • We want to have a general t-shirt that can be used among all Gabe Gonzalez suggests that we look at our budget and send a proposal to that committee. Union made, American made, two color t-shirts.
  • Elise Bryant made a motion that we do the research, get the proposal, select a vendor, and have the order in for 500 t-shirts by the end of September. Jazmin Gargoum seconded. Motion passes.

Accountability of Officers, Committees and EC Conference

  • Robert Struckman asked to defer his accountability item to the next meeting. Tim Fitzgerald objected. Jazmin Gargoum brought up that at the meeting during which Elise Bryant was presiding – Elise Bryant said we needed to wait for Bob to discuss this issue.
  • Because of that request the EC has waited for Robert Struckman to be present at a meeting to discuss this issue. Jazmin Gargoum asked that since Robert Struckman was here now, we talk about this and get it out of the packet moving forward.
  • Ben Cooper agreed – he and his unit have seen this continually in the packets and they want it out of the packet. Sheila Lindsay concurred. Elise Bryant asked for clarification about whether Robert Struckman was asking to push it down on the agenda or move it to next month. He confirmed that be meant next month. Mark Pattison made a motion for this to be tabled. Tim Fitzgerald seconded. Motion passed.

Front Page Awards

  • Gabe Gonzalez moves to distribute the 2016 Awards the 2017 Guild Service Awards. Jazmin Gargoum seconds. Paul Reilly will contact Mark Grunberg to set the judges. Jazmin Gargoum will organize the event. Motion passes.

Presiding over Meetings

  • Mark Pattison made the following motion: I move that the highest-ranking officer present at the announced meeting site be the one to run the meeting. In the order in which they appear in the WBNG bylaws: president, vice president, treasurer, and Ben Cooper seconded.
  • Cet Parks- how do we get around the bylaws statement that the President presides. Mark Pattison referenced article 13 of the bylaws.
  • Ben Cooper agrees that whoever’s presiding should be Also, we’ve been pretty hung up on technicalities.
  • Matt Losak – spirit of the bylaws is But functionally the person presiding should be physically present. Having it in the bylaws is too much and would create a looseness to the meeting. President should have the discretion to decide who’s running the meeting.
  • Elise Bryant – we should be able to have a functioning meeting as a collective working together.
  • Additional discussion of merits of meetings over the phone vs. in person and why in-person tends to work better. Gabe Gonzalez and Ben Cooper abstain. Robert Struckman and Matt Losak object that this represents a bylaw change. Motion Passes.

IV. Executive Director’s and Staff Report

Rick Ehrmann

  • Washington Post – Request for discretionary authority to arbitrate the improper layoff of Outside Salesperson Janene Daly and the improper layoffs of 3 part-time multiplatform editors Diana Bernard, Matt Moser, and David Reinhold. Matt Losak made a motion to approve, Ben Cooper seconded. Motion Passes.

 Paul Reilly

  • Request for approval of CASA contract. Ben Cooper made a motion to approve, Mark Pattison seconded. Motion Passes.
  • Request for approval of BNA bargaining team. Matt Losak made a motion to approve, Gabe Gonzalez seconded. Motion Passes.

Eric Geist

  • Request for discretionary authority to file a ULP for failure to bargain at APWU. Gabe Gonzalez made a motion to approve. Matt Losak seconded. Motion Passes.
  • Request for retroactive authority to file a ULP against Lambda Legal for firing a member of the bargaining committee. Matt Losak made a motion to approve. Mark Pattison seconded. Motion passed.

V. Membership Report

August 22-September15, 2018

  • Gabe Gonzalez moved to accept. Mark Pattison seconded. Motion passed.

July 18-August 22, 2018

  • Mark Pattison moved to accept. Gabe Gonzalez seconded. Motion passed.

VI. EC Minutes

July 18, 2018

  • Sheila Lindsay moved to approve. Ed Fortney seconded. Motion passed.

August 22, 2018

  • Since there was no quorum for the August meeting and therefore there were not official minutes, Ben made a motion to take the informal notes from the August meeting and addendum to minutes as a reference for future council discussion. Mark Pattison seconded. Motion passed.
  • The EC reviewed the outstanding issues from the August 22, 2018 meeting for anything still requiring action. One item was still outstanding: Retroactive authority to file a ULP at BBNA for failure to provide requested information in a discharge case. Mark Pattison made a motion. Matt Losak seconded. Motion passed.

VII. Board Polls

July 23, 2018

  • Motion made by Jazmin Gargoum on July 23, 2018 and seconded by Steve Cook that Dan Duncan be sent as a delegate to the August 9-11, 2018, VA AFL-CIO State Convention and carry the proxy votes on behalf of Local 32035 WBNG. WBNG will cover his $150 registration fee; additional expenses are already covered. Gabe Gonzalez made a motion to approve. Matt Losak seconded. Motion passed.

August 24, 2018

  • Motion made by Sheila Lindsay on August 23rd and seconded to approve the ratification of the ANA contract, ratified at the unit’s general membership meeting on August 21, 2018. Gabe made a motion to approve. Matt seconded. Motion passed.

August 30, 2018

  • Motion made by Sheila Lindsay on August 29th and seconded by Dan Gabor to request discretionary authority to arbitrate the termination case at ANA for Gauri Shah. Gabe made a motion to approve. Matt seconded. Motion passed.

September 3, 2018

  • Motion made by David DeJesus on September 1st at 8:12pm and seconded by Sheila Lindsay to approve Raw Story three-year contract. Gabe made a motion to approve. Matt seconded. Motion passed.

September 7, 2018

  • Motion made by Jazmin Gargoum on September 6, 2018 and seconded by Matt Losak that the next Executive Council meeting be set for Saturday, September 15th immediately following the General Membership meeting at the Baltimore, MD Guild office. Gabe made a motion to approve. Matt seconded. Motion passed.

Setting the Next Meeting:

  • In order to increase likelihood of meeting quorum, Jazmin Gargoum suggested that we select a few date options at each EC meeting that would then be presented to the EC in a doodle poll. The following date options were given for next meeting: Oct. 16, Oct. 17, Oct. 18, Oct. 23, Oct. 24, Oct. 25.

OPEIU (from New Business)

  • Contract expires November 30, and we need a bargaining committee. The following people agreed to be on the bargaining committee: Robert Struckman, Jazmin Gargoum, Tim Fitzgerald, Cet Parks. Gabe Gonzalez made a motion to approve the committee. Mark seconded. Motion passed.

VIII. Good and Welfare

  • Gabe Gonzalez- OPEIU is picketing on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. It’s an informational picket during lunch. Guild joined them last week. New unit chair sent Cet Parks an email asking how far we can go in support. They wear black to picket.
  • Shirley Banks had surgery yesterday, but she’s doing fine.
  • Jazmin Gargoum suggested a closed EC meeting to discuss the legal fees coming from Robert Struckman’s disciplinary issues.

IX. Adjournment

  • Gabe Gonzalez made a motion to adjourn. Ben seconded. Motion passed.

August 22, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:  Steve Cook, Dan Gabor, David DeJesus, Seth Dietz, Tim Fitzgerald, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Sheila Lindsay, Justin Moyer, Mark Pattison, Robert Struckman

Staff and Guests Present:  Cet Parks, Paul Reilly, Joel Gratz, Amy Lambrecht, Joe Moyer

Excused:  Benn Cooper, Lydia Ealey, Gabe Gonzalez, Freddy Kunkle, Matt Losak, Sam Nelson, Jeremy Sprinkle, Ramon Zepeda

Meeting called to order at 7:20 PM.  A quorum was not met, and meeting proceeded with discussion on items that did not require a vote.

I. Financials

July 2018

  • Tim Fitzgerald and Cet Parks provide update on July financials.

July 2018 (Bob Paul’s Invoices)

  • General discussion. Paul Reilly provides update on legal issues regarding Mikhail Romanov. 
  • Discussion on Bob Paul legal fees regarding AFL-CIO contract dispute/Struckman from two months ago, and on the July 2018 financial statement. Additional EC members inquired on the nature of the issue and expressed concerns.   
  • Dan Gabor (AFL-CIO unit chair) points out that discussions of this nature are not appropriate for a public meeting forum, and better served in a private meeting.

II. New Business


  • Cet Park discusses use segregated funds by unions as background on request by AFT-NEROP request to setup a special fund for union purposes (emergency needs and union resources).  Joe Moyer from AFT-NEROP presented additional details on issue.
  • Mark Pattison suggests that AFT-NEROP submit a written proposal to EC for consideration.
  • Cet Parks discusses vetting through Bob Paul for additional guidance, and that this request would need a vote at the September General Membership meeting. Additional discussion and concerns were expressed.

2018 Election

  • Cet Parks on behalf of Bob Struckman discusses use of an agency (FMCS or AAA) to run the upcoming elections (January 2019) rather than having the local conduct the elections and would be in best interest of the local.
  • Jazmin Gargoum discusses that there was an understanding that the local would take a look at issues from last election as a learning opportunity in being able to run its own elections. Additional concerns regarding cost for outside agency when those funds can be used to train our local to properly run elections.
  • Steve Cook in agreement and states we need to examine the process and that preparations should begin immediately.
  • Mark Gruenberg states that a committee should have been working on this and questions if this fell by the wayside. Also requested that President Struckman the election sub-committee should be doing.
  • Dave DeJesus asks what the impact of the agency to the local’s financials and will there be a proposal of agency services to review.
  • President Struckman discusses need to use neutral third party; has requested costs from FMCS and AAA and discusses costs could be in range of $4,000 – $5,000.

III. Old Business

Front Page Awards

  • Mark Gruenberg provides status update and will assess how many entries we have.
  • Sheila Lindsay suggests implementing a Front Page video or virtual awards program over social media platforms, to avoid going into a third year without a program (as double award ceremony). Sheila also suggests using past winners to serve on a committee or as competition judges.
  • Paul Reilly also points out main reason to hold the award program is organizing and mobilizing. Paul agreed to serve as lead assisting Mark Gruenberg. 


VA State AFL-CIO Convention

  • Dan Duncan served as our delegate. Detailed report in August 22, 2018 EC packet (page 10)

            Update on WBNG – Review by Auditors

  • There was no discussion or review of this item.

            Accountability of Officers

  • Mark Pattison makes suggestion to never placing this item in future agenda packets. Further discussion and was mutually agreed upon by EC members present.

            Credit Card Policy Counters

  • Steve Cook provides update on staff request for changes to policy. A major issue brought forward is that staff representatives are using their personal credit cards, having the effect of staff making loans to the Local. 
  • Remedy is proposing to have a total of four credit cards, instead of two which are held by Cet Parks and bookkeeper.
  • Also discussed issue on number of participants involved in a meeting, five or fewer versus ten or fewer.
  • Joel Gratz expressed concerns that policy language on number of cards may potentially create issues. Additional discussions to adopt credit card policy to be discussed at next EC meeting, due to lack of quorum at August 22 EC meeting.

            CWA 2018 District 2-13 Local Leadership Conference

  • Mark Pattison requests this item be dropped from future agendas due to timing issues (Multi-District Council Meeting, November membership meeting/nominations for 2019 election).


            T-Shirts and Other Items for Organizing

  • Steve Cook provides update on purchasing t-shirts for BNA and other units. May need 300 shirts for BBNA, possibly more if we distribute to others.  Jazmin Gargoum will provide costs of t-shirts.
  • Agreed to advance this item by a board poll.

IV. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

  • Cet Parks provides update. Details in August 22, 2018 EC packet

            Rick Ehrmann (on vacation)

  • ANA issues discussed by Sheila Lindsay
  • Board Poll request for ANA contract approval
  • Board Poll request for ANA arbitration for unfair termination

            Paul Reilly

  • Board Poll request for Raw Story contract approval
  • Board Poll request for CASA contract approval
  • Board Poll request for BBNA ULP

            Eric Geist

  • Board Poll request United Way Worldwide contract approval
  • Board Poll request for Revolution Messaging for ULP

      Bruce Jett

  • Cet Parks provides update. Details in August 22, 2018 EC packet

V. Membership Report

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

VI. EC Minutes

July 18, 2018

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

July 23, 2018 Board Poll

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

VII. Good and Welfare

Presiding at Meetings

  • Mark Pattison expressed concerns regarding how the July 2018 EC meeting was conducted and recommends that the highest ranking WBNG member present on-site at a meeting, should be responsible for running the meeting.
  • Mark recommends a change to our bylaws to address meeting concerns.
  • Steve Cook and others also agreed that we should adopt his practice as a common-sense approach to conducting meetings.
  • Jazmin Gargoum expressed concern of President Struckman’s recommendation to cancel the August 22, 2018 meeting, and recommends sending out a poll to schedule meeting dates immediately following each EC meeting, with the goal of encouraging member participation. Additional discussion followed on setting EC meeting dates in advance.
  • Discussion on setting meeting dates
  • Suggestion made to host a happy hour for Dan Gabor while visiting DC September 12-13.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourns at 9:38 PM.


Addendum to Minutes

Outstanding Issues from August 22, 2018 Executive Council Meeting due to lack of quorum (compiled by Mark Pattison).

Fellow Executive Council members,

In order to complete the work begun at yesterday’s Executive Council meeting, we will need to conduct a number of board polls.  Page numbers in parentheses refer to their location in the Executive Council packet distributed Tuesday.

AFT-NEROP segregated fund request, pending submission of text (no page)

T-shirt purchase, pending submission of text (no page)

September Executive Council meeting date, time, site (no page) – Poll Completed

ANA contract approval (page 24) – Poll Completed

Discretionary authority for arbitration in ANA termination case (page 25) – Poll Completed

Raw Story contract approval (page 26) – Poll Completed

Casa de Maryland contract approval (page 26)

Discretionary authority for ULP in BBNA failure to provide requested information in discharge case (page 26)

United Way Worldwide contract approval (page 27)

Discretionary authority for ULP in Revolution Messaging failure to provide bargaining information case (page 27)

Of secondary urgency, but will have to be dealt with either via board poll or through action at the next Executive Council meeting:

July financials (page 1)

Membership report (page 29)

July Executive council minutes (page 34)

The board poll (page 38) confirmation cannot be confirmed via board poll.

In solidarity,

Mark Pattison

July 18, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Present:  Jazmin Gargoum, Sam Nelson, Tim Fitzgerald, Cet Parks, David DeJesus, Elise Bryant, Justin Moyer, Amy Fitzgerald, Joel Gratz, Mark Pattison, Paul Reilly, Mark Gruenberg, Jeremy Sprinkle, Steve Cook, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak, Seth Dietz

Excused:  Bob Struckman, Ed Fortney, Gabe Gonzales

Meeting called to order at 7:13 PM.  A quorum was met – 13 EC members present

I. Financials

May 2018

  • Cet Park and Tim Fitzgerald provide update on May financials. Mark Pattison motions to approve, Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.

June 2018

  • Cet Park and Tim Fitzgerald provide update on June financials. Mark Pattison motions, Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.

Bob Paul Invoices (May & June)

  • Cet provides update on Bob Paul invoices.

II. New Business

Press Associates Renewal

  • Cet Parks discusses Press Associates renewal and request EC approval. Mark Gruenberg provided additional input on importance of Press Associates.  Matt Losak motions to approve payment to renew.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Mark Gruenberg and Jeremy Sprinkle abstain.  Motion Passes.

Don Slaiman – IBEW Representative

  • Requests resolution to send representative from local to attend AFL-CIO convention in Virginia, on August 9 through August 11, in support of right to work initiatives.
  • Mark Pattison/Sheila Lindsay and others discuss finding a local member delegate by board poll, and to authorize that person to be a delegate (possibly Dan Duncan) representing the local at the Virginia AFL-CIO conference.
  • Jazmin Gargoum to develop language to be used in a board poll. Sheila Lindsay agreed to reach out to Dan Duncan in regard to delegate request.

III. Old Business

Update on WBNG – Review by Auditors, Accountability of Officers, Committees & EC

  • Matt Losak requests (on behalf of Robert Struckman) any discussion accountability be deferred until Robert Struckman returns or EC next meeting.
  • Tim Fitzgerald speaks to audit update, that auditor list of services to be performed by audit firm is not in accordance with the motion that was passed by the membership, and payment of services will not be made without authorization.
  • After additional discussion Elise Bryant requests to defer the issue until Robert Struckman is present to contribute. Justin Moyer moves to defer issue to next meeting.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.
  • On accountability of officers, Justin Moyer motions to defer discussion until next meeting. Sam Nelson seconds. Tim Fitzgerald opposes.  Motion passes.          

New Program/CWA to Raise Money for Campuses

  • Sheila Lindsay, Jeremy Sprinkle and others discuss Committee on Political Education (COPE) program. Matt Losak motions to participate in program.  Jeremy Sprinkle seconds.  Motion passes.

Studies on Pay Disparities

  • Sheila Lindsay discusses and agrees to gather additional pay disparity information and report findings at next EC meeting. Steve Cook motions to have Robert Struckman follow up with TNG/CWA leadership for a pay disparity study at BNA to be used as a part of contract bargaining.  Matt Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.

PA AFL-CIO Cope Invitees

  • This item was declined in May and erroneously placed on agenda.

WBNG Labor Day Picnic(s)

  • Mark Pattison, Tim Fitzgerald, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak and others discuss how to better promote the Labor Day Picnic and Labor Night Out without overburdening staff. Jazmin and Elise agree to further discuss Labor Night Out. 
  • Sheila Lindsay suggest joining in with the Greenbelt Labor Day event and agrees to reach out to CLC – Greenbelt Labor Day Program participation and report back to Rick Ehrmann.

NC State AFL-CIO – Support for 2018 United Way

  • Jeremy Sprinkle and Sheila Lindsay discuss. Issue was on June EC Meeting agenda to make a contribution and report back this month on donation history and deferred to this meeting.
  • Issue is dropped, and no further discussion needed.

CWA 2018 District 2-13 Local Leadership Conference

  • Elise and others discuss participation in leadership conference.
  • Justin Moyer motions to table discussion until next meeting. Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.

Credit Card Policy Counters

  • This item was mistakenly added to this meeting agenda and will be deferred until next meeting.

T-Shirts and Other Items for Organizing

  • Steve Cook, Rick Ehrmann, Jeremy Sprinkle, Matt Losak and others discuss need to promote t-shits as organizing tool. Justin Moyer motions to defer discussion to address the needs of second largest unit (BNA) as it approaches bargaining.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.

IV. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

  • Advancement Project – Cet Parks – requests discretionary authority to file ULP for union discrimination regarding employee termination (Angelo Pinto). Justin motions to grant discretionary authority.  Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Lambda Legal – Cet Parks – requests discretionary authority to file a ULP should Lamda Legal implement an unlawful steward evaluation, which is subject to bargaining. Sheila Lindsay motions.  Seth Dietz seconds.  Motion passes.
  • AFL-CIO – Cet Parks – Requests EC approval of contract ratification. Justin Moyer motions to approve.  Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.
  • HPAE – Cet Park provides update on HPAE membership vote to join our local.
  • Lanetix – Cet provided update. NLRB charges still pending.  Seeking reimbursement from TNG/CWA for $10,000 legal cost.

Rick Ehrmann

  • Washington Post – Tentative agreement reached on Post contract negotiations. Post union employees voted to ratify contract agreement.  Cites this as the most difficult negotiations in past 20 years of contract bargaining.
  • Requests approval of settlement. Sheila motions to accept contract vote.  Justin Moyer seconds. Motion passes to approve Post Union contract.
  • Update on ANA bargaining.

Paul Reilly

  • CASA – Tentative agreement reached after eight months of bargaining. Sheila Lindsay motions to approve.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion to approve passes.

Eric Geist

  • United Way – Update presented by Cet Parks. No significant issues reported

Bruce Jett

  • Update resented by Cet Parks. No significant issues reported.

V. Membership Report

  • Sheila Lindsay moves to approve May 23-July 18 report. Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.

VI. EC Minutes

June 26, 2018

  • Matt Losak motions to approve. Mark Pattison seconds. 
  • Discussion – Sheila makes correction to who moved and seconded the May 23 EC minutes. Mark Pattison motioned to approve and Mark Gruenberg seconded May 23 EC minutes.  Motion passes to accept amended minutes.

VII. Good and Welfare

  • This item was mistakenly left off the agenda. In discussion, Jazmin Gargoum did not have any new updates.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Seth Dietz motions for next EC meeting to be held on August 22, 2018 – 7 PM at Guild office. Justin Moyer seconds. Motion passes.
  • Meeting adjourns at 9:55 PM.

June 26, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Treasurer Fitzgerald at 7:13 pm.

PRESENT: Mark Pattison (CNS); Sheila Lindsay (ANA); Steve Cook (BBNA); Freddie Kunkle (WaPost); Sam Nelson (JWJ); Jazmin Gargoum (At-Large); Executive Director Cet Parks, Local Reps Paul Reilly and Rick Ehrmann.

By Phone: Jeremy Sprinkle (NC-AFL-CIO); Joel Gatz (member-no vote- AFL-CIO); Lydia Ealy (UFCW); Justin Moyer (WaPost)

EXCUSED ABSENCE: Pres. Bob Struckman; VP Elise Bryant and Secretary David DeJesus

UNEXCUSED ABSENCE: All other council members.

Treasurer Fitzgerald opened the meeting advising of Pres. Struckman’s absence, and that of the other officers. Sheila Lindsay has agreed to take the minutes in the absence of Secretary DeJesus.

We will be deferring some items and move some items around a little bit which will be addressed as we go through the agenda.

Finances:  Parks – April 2018, please refer to your packet – financials included the carrying of Bruce Jett and Eric Geist, as we are no longer receiving the subsidy from TNG-CWA which is the reason for the net loss; Shirley Cherry (bookkeeper) and Tim meet regularly and will be modifying the finance report by adding a column (  ); Line 20 – reflects the dues increase for per capita up by $12,000; Lines 60 & 61 relate to Eric G. & Bruce Jett – use to receive subsidy as previously mentioned for Bruce Jett; no longer receiving;

  • We have 9 units we have not accounted for;
  • Line 49 Insurance – suddenly kicked out of CWA insurance – increase of $1400 – tagged in w/AFL-CIO when kicked out of CWA coverage, that’s what’s included.

After budget, Chair entertains a motion – moved by Mark P, second by Jazmin Gargoum passed by voice vote

 Cet – EC members had asked for a forecast of each unit dues that are currently coming in after FY 2017 income that came in after Sept. 30 and that is why it is showing; income which came in October 2017 under the new fiscal year; will see the same thing for FY 2018; Cet recited the units and the money they are being in; explained what took place with units and dollar figures in black.  Lead organizers 6 months – estimated.

Cet – is letting council know about the organizing and representational consultant will show in the budget – Eric representing first contracts; Bruce has things in the hopper – see report (pg. 56) – need to re-up these positions to continue the work – putting it out here for the EC to consider.

            Chair would like to entertain a motion – Motion to accept the April 2018 financials as presented by Executive Director, moved by Steve Cook and second by Sam Nelson.

            Discussion – are these positions to be considered full-time? Response by treasurer Fitzgerald – conversation has been had with the President and Treasurer; Cet contingent on the upcoming budget revenue to consider the organizing position and the contracts are bargained and enough revenue; would not automatically go to Bruce Jett – would place an ad.

Freddie inclined to support the motion but should have an evaluation of what has taken place with the other – more focus on internal organizing – perhaps the push is coming from the NewsGuild but would like to see a clear evaluation;

            Cet up to the EC to tell him what direction we want to go w/organizing up to the council to make that decision as to the direction to go for organizing.

            Sam – being from a small unit/non-profit, would like the structure to be more strategic – look at more internal organizing for the moment once the EC goes through the assessment, sitting down looking at the long-term strategy;

            Jeremy – favor of the motion to extend the 6 months for organizing; looking at small units – SAF – NC/AFL-CIO doesn’t see the small units as a drain on the Local finances; Jeff Bezos and Bloomberg are the drain on the Local; look at the small units as a model getting us across the finish line – keep focus on who the real drain is on our finances.

            Steve C. – inclined to support – mostly endorse what Sam stated to reassess our organizing strategy; BNA preparing for bargaining next year; buffaloed during last year’s negotiations – 6 months to next bargaining, gearing up; looking for internal organizing support from Bruce. Everyone deserves organizing – Post and BNA open shops – dealing with psychopathic owners – open shops are different – need a lot of organizing and effort intends to support the motion.

            Mark P. – voting yes – will be open to all who apply; that Bruce and Eric are not automatically given the position.

            Cet – loves all the units – little shops count too – help support the large units when needed; Bruce will be @BNA; Cet will complete work with Post and then going over to BNA to help with negotiations.  Motion passed by voice vote.

 Cet – should have mentioned this during discussion of the budget – pg. 5 – Legal Fees – actually – $100,000 – $18,000 over expecting a refund of $2,000;

  • Fight over the Tech unit and had to fight legally over the unit.
  • Rick – Bob Paul’s fees – Post NLRB charge – labor board #1 attorney and our attorney Bob Paul – subpoena for all records concerning bargaining – charges consolidated – prep work that will need to be done – filed charges and want to win the charges;
  • Consultant bill used for ANA and the Post – Ilana Boive – pension analyst; will probably use her for BNA; Freddie – caution on using her – used incorrect figures in one of the presentations – might have been included about same of her charges – may had been under CWA at time of the Post;
  • Jazmin and Steve spoke on the matter – Cet – places in the packet should monitor and review her data; Rick stated that someone had caught the error may have been caught by Ilana herself;
  • Tim stated, obtain a Statement of Work from those who are contracted by the Local;
  • Jazmin – what happens after the fact-how we respond or how they react to the errors;

Cet financials pg. 1 – Assets – AFT-NEROP would like to set-up a separate fund for their unit – members to donate to an ear marked funds – unit looking into option to do this;

New Business

  • Deferred
  • Before deferment of agenda item – EC moved into conversation about Studies on Pay Disparities

 – Cook – BNA trying to get info from BNA for years; getting run around; trying to obtain for unit, told the funders were available through CWA – interest in participating in it; doesn’t feel like CWA knows who BBNA are; don’t get any respect – interested in findings; Jeremy might be support in academia – Labor Schools;

  • EC agenda – paused to hear from member from RFA; after hearing the member’s issue, Unit leader Kharma Z motioned to arbitrate, Lindsay second; moved to discussion by the EC discussed; Vote was defeated 4 – 2, motion was denied; member was advised of their rights to appeal the EC decision at the next General Membership meeting; Treasurer advised member that a letter would be sent providing the EC decision and procedure to appeal.

Meeting resumed at 9:16pm

New Business (cont’d)

  • T-shirts – decision to conduct a board poll once Cook provides cost estimate;
  • TNG’s MultiDistrict Council (MDC) meeting in November – Fitzgerald mentioned what a great job Mark P. did in trying to get the meeting moved to a more closer and cost-efficient location; Mark P. made a motion to send the following EC members to the November MDC in San Francisco: Mark P., Mark G (they serve as officers for the Southern District Council (SDC) to which WBNG are members of and who appointed Fitzgerald as the SDC’s Human Rights and Equity Committee (HREC) to the TNG’s HREC and Sheila Lindsay, as the Region II Vice President, Pres. Struckman, and Cet Parks – for travel, lodging, and per diem with exception of Sheila Lindsay whose expenses will be covered by TNG;
  • NC-AFLCIO State Convention – motion by Jeremy Sprinkle to attend as a delegate – Jeremy’s expenses are covered as an employee of NC/AFL-CIO and a delegate from SAF, moves to send delegates to the conference with exception of registration fees at $200; Mark P. second; Jazmin Gargoum made a friendly amendment to offer the IRS standard rates for mileage and registration. Amendment was accepted by the maker of the motion. Motion passed by voice vote.
  • Pennsylvania AFL-CIO conference – deferred to next EC meeting;
  • CWA 2018 D2-1 Leadership conference – deferred to next EC meeting;
  • CWA HRE Conference – Lindsay motioned to send Fitzgerald to the conference, as he is the SDC appointed delegate and appointed to the CWA HRE committee by the TNG Sector Executive, Lindsay offered explanation of the appointment, and that she would reach out to TNG to see if the would either A) pay for the expense out of the HREC budget or B) split the cost with the Local, motion was second by Jazmin Gargoum. Motion passed by voice vote.
  • Nat’s tickets – purchase tickets 3-4 weeks out; suggested perhaps a lower number of tickets to be purchased by the Local and selling to members at cost – motion by Steve Cook, second by Mark P. for the Local to purchase 50 tickets. Motion passed by voice vote.
  • NC State AFL-CIO Carolina Labor School – no need to discuss at this time;
  • United Way – Guild to make a contribution – not time sensitive – report next month on donations – this will be deferred to next EC meeting;
  • WBNG Labor Day Picnics – deferred to next EC meeting;

Old Business

  • Credit Card policy – setting aside date/time for the two chairs to have a meeting with the staff regarding additional questions.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order – deferred until next EC meeting 

Staff Reports

  • Cet – AFT-NEROP – negotiations – unit requests EC approval of ratification vote – Mark P. motioned, second by Sam Nelson. Motion passed by voice vote.
  • Rick – Post reached tentative agreement on June 26 bottom line – minimized most of the bad things; more across the board increase – almost 1% of the media salary – $15 per week – highest monetary in over 20 years; protected seniority layoff; preserved about all of their benefits; cuts in severance; 14 months of bargaining until two-weeks ago due to members social media action – shit sandwich fought with every tool they had; surge in younger membership – engaged in Social Media action.
  • Paul – request for discretionary authority to arbitrate discharge of BBNA employee – motion by Cook, second by Lindsay. Motion passed by voice vote.
  • Eric – nothing for EC approval
  • Motion to approve the minutes of the May 23, 2018 EC meeting (need to find notes on the minutes – who moved/second to include in this reporting)

Setting the date of the next EC meeting – Wednesday, July 18 at 7pm in the DC office.

Motion to adjourn was called – second by many at 9:45pm.

Minutes presented by Sheila Lindsay, EC member on behalf of secretary David DeJesus

June 2, 2018 – General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present:  Robert Struckman, Cet Parks, Seth Dietz, David DeJesus, Keith Barnes, Sally Davidow, Paul Reilly, Elise Bryant, Steve Cook, Mark Pattison

Phone:  Joel Gratz, Luke Canfora, Juanita Sanchez, Justin Moyer, Maya Goines, Scott Reynolds, Marcus Trammell, and others

Excused – Sheila Lindsay, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Ramon Zepeda

President Struckman calls meeting to order at 10:04 AM

I. Officers Report

  • President’s Report – President Struckman provided a general update on initiatives and best practices regarding policy and procedures to assist in our local’s efforts. 
  • Secretary’s Report – No update presented.

II. GMM Minutes

  • February 10, 2018 – Maya Goines notes spelling correction of name on February minutes.  Dave DeJesus moved to accept February minutes.  Seth Dietz seconds.  Motion passes.
  • April 7, 2018 – Joel Gratz requests that language in minutes fully reflect description of “targeted forensic audit”. Dave DeJesus motions to approve April minutes, seconded by Seth Dietz.  Motion passes.

III. New Business

  • No new business issues dis

IV. New Business

  • No new business issues discussed.

V. For The Good of the Order

  • Members Marcus Trammell and Joel Gratz discuss idea of webinar/conference system used by AFL-CIO for field meetings, can be adopted by our local to enable greater participation in meetings for members who participate remotely.

VI. Executive Council and Staff Reports

  • No staff reports were presented.

A motion to adjourn was made; Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.  Meeting is adjourned at 10:20 AM.