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The Washington Post unit  covers more than 1,000 members in the newsroom and on the commercial side. In January 2010, the unit also begin representing  some of the workers from WPNI.  Unit members are reporters; advertising sales reps; copy editors; telephone-sales people; photographers; artists; computer operators — just to name a few. The people who help make the Washington Post a great paper.

Local Updates, Bargaining and Organizing!

With a contract set to expire June 10, the Washington Post Guild unit has established a bargaining committee: Freddy Kunkle (Newsroom chair), David DeJesus (Commercial chair), Pat Jacob, Sarah Mark, Stephen Richardson, Tim Smith, and Tom Jackman (alternate). The current Guild contract at the Post covers more than 850 workers. Rick Ehrmann has been the […]

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Guild Leaders Sign Two-Year Agreement at Post

(The following appeared on the Post Guild Facebook page.) Fellow catalysts, We’re very pleased to announced today that we have just signed the new, two-year collective bargaining agreement between the Washington-Baltimore News Guild and The Washington Post. The 2.5 percent raise in the first year of the contract will become effective at the beginning of […]

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Guild Members Nearly Unanimous in CBA Ratification Vote

(The following appeared on the Post Guild Facebook page.) Colleagues: The contract was nearly unanimously ratified by the largest turnout of Guild members in recent years. Thank you for coming out to vote and thank you, most of all, for your support during these last eight months. This contract was a significant achievement, considering the […]

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Post, Guild Continue to Talk, But Off the Record

(The following appeared on the Post Guild Facebook page.) We’d like to update you on the status of bargaining talks since a series of Guild membership meetings nearly two weeks ago. Since then, representatives for the Post and the Guild have agreed to talk off the record in hopes of negotiating a resolution after eight […]

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The $200 Million Mystery

First, many thanks to the 480 employees – a fantastic number — who signed the petition demanding that publisher Fred Ryan offer workers a fair contract. Your passion is making a difference. But we must do more. Urgently. The Post has signaled that it is closer than ever to a take-or-leave-it position. Among other things, […]

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Rick Ehrmann’s May 18 report to WBNG Executive Council

The Post has relented on health coverage for part-timers working less than 30 hours per week and upped their wage offer to 2% in year one and 1.5% in year two, but only if we accept their pension proposal. Members debated what is to be done in four membership meetings on Friday, May 15, and […]

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Guild Fights to Maintain Health Coverage

Still Waiting on Management’s First Wage Proposal In the latest bargaining session with the Washington Post, Guild negotiators were joined by staff writer Amy Goldstein, a union member who is one of the paper’s experts on the recent federal health care law. She gave a deeply researched presentation about the company’s proposal to stop offering […]

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Post Guild’s ‘Crowd-Sourcing’ Request From the Guild’s Bargaining Committee

First, we want to thank everyone who has responded on the Post’s proposal to have the option of ending health care insurance coverage for part-time workers. We plan to discuss this at the table Nov. 12, so there is still time if you would like to chime in. Second, we want to reiterate our call […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Co-Chair News: Fred Kunkle
Phone: 202-302-3688

Co-Chair Commercial: David DeJesus
Phone: 301-660-0217

Vice-Chair News: Jenny Rogers
Phone: 571-309-7952

Vice-Chair Commercial: Pat Jacob
Phone: 202-255-8122

Vice-Chair Nightside: Lynn Olson

Vice-Chair Recruiting and Diversity: Julie Zauzmer
Phone: 215-259-8531

Chief Steward News: Tim Smith
Phone: 202-403-4771

Chief Steward Commercial: Ann Tran
Phone: 202-415-1813

Unit Website Unit Address
1150 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20071
Local Staff Representative Paul Reilly Contracts & Documents Contract June 11, 2015 - June 10, 2017