Front Page Awards Winners
(Guild-Represented Work Produced in 2010)

The Front Page Awards honor the “best of the best” in writing and imagery created by workers in WBNG-covered units in calendar year 2010. The awards ceremony will be held at the next Guild General Membership meeting, in Washington on Thursday, March 31.

Bill Pryor Memorial Grand Prize for Writing
David Hilzenrath (Post) “Public Mission, Private Gain”
(The story also won the
Morton Mintz Award for Investigative Reporting)

Bernie Harrison Memorial Award for Commentary
Jean Marbella (Sun) “As Ehrlich, O’Malley Were Saying 4 Years Ago…”  

News Analysis
Rob Pegoraro (Post) “Facebook and Google Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need to Reexamine Online Privacy”  

Frank C. Porter Memorial Award for Labor and Business Reporting

Jamie Smith Hopkins (Sun) “False Signings Cloud Foreclosures in Maryland”

Feature Writing
Jean Marbella (Sun) “Pitcairn’s Brief Time in Baltimore Ended With a Final, Human Touch”

National News Reporting
David Hilzenrath (Post) “A Swiss Banker’s Saga Offers a Cautionary Tale”

International News Reporting
Theola Labbe-Debose and Wil Haygood (Post) “Catastrophe in Haiti: One Man’s Agonizing Wait”
Dennis Sadowski (Catholic News Service) “Haiti” series (Honorable Mention)

Local News Reporting

Meredith Cohn (Sun) “Doctors Concerned About Shortage of Imported Isotope”

Bill Pryor Memorial Grand Prize for Photography
John McDonnell (Post) 
“Nyjer Morgan Sliding”  
(The photo also won the Sports Photography award)

Feature Photography
Carl Mark Gail (Post) “All They Have to Do Is Dream”

Local News Photography
Carl Mark Gail (Post) “President Obama Takes a Break”  

National News Photography 
Chris Garlock
(Metropolitan Washington DC AFL-CIO) 
“Take Back Our Democracy”

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