General Membership and Executive Council Meetings: Wed., March 24 at 7 p.m.


Local 32035’s General Membership and Executive Council Meetings will be held Wed., March 24 at 7 p.m. Here are the agendas. For a Zoom link, reach out to Treasurer Justin Moyer at justinmoyer [at] gmail. See you there!

General Membership agenda:

Consent Agenda
General Membership Meeting minutes from Nov. 30, 2020
Membership report
Credit card reports
Staff reports
Action items
M&R bargaining team approval
Verso bargaining team approval
America Votes bargaining team approval
National Assn. of Social Workers bargaining team approval
Committee updates
Organizing Committee Report
Communications Committee Report
Strategic Planning Committee Report
Old business
Election and Referendum Committee
Sexual harassment training
New business
Myanmar Solidarity
Good and welfare

Executive Council agenda:

Executive Council Meeting minutes from Feb. 17, 2021
Old business
Board Poll: Organizing
Board Poll: Charge against member
Staff vacation balances
New business
Good and welfare
Personnel Caucus: Work from home stipend

Welcome our newest staffer: Evan Yeats


Evan Yeats is our newest staffer at WBNG who joined us in March 2021. Originally from Iowa, Evan has lived in DC since 2008. His first union membership was at AFSCME, working as an overnight police dispatcher while in college. After a stint as an award-winning radio reporter in Eastern Iowa, he became a labor communicator, organizer and representative and worked as the Communications Director for a team that won the first-ever contract for civilian municipal workers in Houston, Texas. He worked at the United Food and Commercial Workers since 2008 where he worked on campaigns for bargaining, organizing and workplace safety that helped tens of thousands of retail, food manufacturing and meatpacking workers find their voice at work. At the UFCW, he was a long-time WBNG leader including winning Unit Officer of the Year (2012) and leading the unit to the Unit of the Year (2013) at the WBNG Front Page awards. Prior to coming to WBNG, he was consulting on bargaining for news workers in California, Hawaii and Florida. He lives in Takoma, DC with his wife and three children.

Washington-Baltimore News Guild Statement on Violence at the US Capitol


Yesterday’s violence at the US Capitol building was a direct attack on our democracy and our democratic institutions, carried out by armed insurrectionists wielding symbols of hate, and encouraged by the sitting President of the United States. Before being allowed to peacefully leave the building, the terrorists scribbled a message on one of the building’s doors: “Murder the media.”

This event was the culmination of four years of dangerous rhetoric, rooted in white supremacy, that has spread lies and disinformation to advance an anti-democratic agenda. Our union is incredibly proud of the brave and diligent work of our members who were on the ground at the Capitol building yesterday, some of whom faced intimidation, harassment, and vandalism at the hands of the insurrectionists as they stood their ground to make sure that the nation was honestly and accurately informed about what was taking place.

The Washington-Baltimore News Guild strongly condemns the attempted coup and the violent intimidation and threats to our members and journalists everywhere. Never has the need for a free press been more necessary than in moments like these. The News Guild will always fight to defend the rights of working people everywhere. We will never stop working to make sure our newsrooms, non-profits, and unions reflect the diversity and inclusivity that is so desperately needed to lead this country to a better future.

WBNG Election Results

The Washington-Baltimore News Guild, Local 32035 Election and Referendum Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2020 election for delegates to the Executive Council.  The following candidates ran uncontested:
Fatima Hussein, Bloomberg, President
Katie Mettler, Washington Post, Vice President
Justin Moyer, Washington Post, Treasurer
David DeJesus, Washington Post, Secretary
The following candidates, listed in alphabetical order, were elected as delegates to the Executive Council:  
Sarah Adkisson, Bloomberg
Jason Albright, Bloomberg
Peter Brusoe, Bloomberg
Elise Bryant, Unaffiliated
Carl Charles, Lambda Legal 
Hau Chu, Washington Post
Graham Fortier, AFL-CIO
Daniel Gabor, AFL-CIO
Nina Goldman, Foreign Policy
Thomas Jackman, Washington Post
Fredrick Kunkle, Washington Post
Marissa Lang, Washington Post
Samuel Nelson, Jobs with Justice
Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service 
Pratheek Rebala, Center for Public Integrity 
Lillian Reed, Baltimore Sun
Grace Sheedy, AFL-CIO
Jeremy Sprinkle, North Carolina AFL-CIO 
Michelle Wang, Radio Free Asia
Emily Woodall, League of Conservation Voters
Joseph Yerardi, Center for Public Integrity
The ERC thanks everyone for their participation, patience and cooperation.
Your Election and Referendum Committee
Tammy Madison 
Luke Canfora 
Mallory Brangan 

International Union of Police Associations vote

WASHINGTON (Sept. 18, 2020) — The Washington-Baltimore News Guild (WBNG), a unit of the News Guild and the Communications Workers of America- AFL-CIO, has passed a resolution calling on the AFL-CIO to end its affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA). The resolution, which was passed on September 3 in a special member meeting by a vote of 111-32, also calls on the CWA to undertake a process to separate itself from its law enforcement members. 
The full text of the resolution is below: 
WHEREAS: Police unions have historically served as a force for racial segregation and repression of labor rights and;
WHEREAS: Police unions do not act in solidarity with the broader labor movement and;
WHEREAS: Police unions have resisted efforts of police reform, including alienating their own members who become whistleblowers and;
WHEREAS: Amid the current uprisings against police brutality police unions have become a clear target of police power and;
WHEREAS: In order to fully live up to the idea that Black Lives Matter and supporting the CWA’s Executive Board’s statement that “There is no in-between. There is no neutral option. The only real way to dismantle racism and build the working-class power we seek is for every worker to take on the struggle for justice for Black people in this country as their own and to embrace the actions that “an injury to one is an injury to all” demands of us”
THEREFORE: We the Executive Board of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, Local 32035 call upon the AFL-CIO to disaffiliate the International Union of Police Associations from the Federation and direct its constituent State Labor Federations, Area Labor Federations, and Central Labor Councils to do the same.
ADDITIONALLY: We call upon the Communications Workers of America to separate itself from its 3,245 Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer members.