Scott Reynolds Passing



Announcement from AFL-CIO:

It is with deep sadness we must inform you that our beloved brother and recent retiree, Scott Reynolds, passed away this morning with loved ones by his side

Scott will be remembered for his strong trade unionism, dedicating his career to the labor movement and spending twenty-four of those years with the AFL-CIO. But, for those of us that had the pleasure of working with Scott, we will miss him for his humor, his friendship and his stories of adventurous travel that brightened the workplace every day.

Scott made our movement, our country and all of us better.

Details regarding services/arrangements will be shared once received.

It’s unanimous: Our Guild contract extension is ratified!

It’s unanimous: Post Guild members voted 181-0 on Tuesday to approve the 8-month extension to our contract that was agreed upon by Post Guild leadership and Post management.

As a reminder, this agreement will keep the integrity of our job protections in place as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, as well as: 
  • Grant all Guild-eligible employees across the board raises ($15/week or $0.40/hour), which will go into effect this July;
  • Formally ratify language for the increased 401(k) match and improved parental leave policy announced last year.
In this interim period, while we wait to return to the office and to the bargaining table, know that Post Guild leadership is exploring ways to keep lines of communication open with the company so we can advocate for those issues core to our mission. 

We’re also actively discussing how to keep our Guild energy alive during this WFH period. And we’re eager to hear your ideas! Please email us or reach out in Guild slack. 

And a reminder: Please take 10 minutes to complete the company’s Coronavirus Impact Survey by next Tuesday, May 26. Any time Post management asks us directly what we want and need from them, we should jump on the opportunity. Some things we’ve heard you ask over the last month or so that could be worth raising in the survey: 
  • Will The Post consider reimbursing employees for WFH equipment or provide everyone a stipend to purchase what we need? 
  • Will The Post offer coronavirus testing or antibody testing for all employees before we return to the office? 
  • Will The Post consider allowing parents to activate the parental leave policy during this WFH period — even if they don’t have a newborn?
Post Guild leadership 
Post Guild Bargaining Committee

It’s unanimous: Post Guild members voted 181-0 on Tuesday to approve the 8-month extension to our contract that was agreed upon by Post Guild leadership and Post management.


Post Guild leadership and the bargaining committee is pleased to inform you that we have reached a tentative agreement with Post management to delay bargaining for now and extend the terms of our current contract through April 2021.

This agreement would keep the integrity of our job protections in place as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, as well as:
Grant all Guild-eligible employees across the board raises ($15/week or $0.40/hour), which will go into effect this July;
Formally ratify language for the increased 401(k) match and improved parental leave policy announced last year.
Our current contract is set to expire in July 2020. If this spring had gone according to plan, your bargaining committee would have met the company in mid-April to begin negotiating a new agreement. Dozens of Guild members had worked hard to conduct research and draft memos about ideas for how to make our workplace more welcome, fair and equitable.

But the pandemic forced us to recalibrate, and members of the bargaining committee and Guild leadership felt the best course of action was to suggest a contract extension to the company. Under these trying circumstances, we think this is a good deal — and we are grateful to the company for working with us to accomplish this agreement quickly so we can all focus on our work, our health and our families.

Please know that this does not mean all of your hard work over the last year was for nothing. Thanks to your tirelessness and commitment to each other, The Washington Post Guild is stronger now than we’ve been in decades.

The contract research many of you helped with will remain a moral compass for us as we continue to advocate for Guild members in this interim period. Those in Guild leadership and on the bargaining committee are actively exploring ways to open lines of communication with Post management so we can continue to push for issues core to our mission, including mental health resources, evolving work-from-home protocols, job security, health and safety during the pandemic, fair pay and career growth. It’s more important than ever that we protect each other and ensure that the company is supporting all the hard work you do every day to make The Post succeed.

All-member meetings. On Monday, May 18, we will hold two Zoom meetings to answer your questions. Join us at noon (Zoom invite here) or at 7 p.m. (Zoom invite here).
Member ratification vote. On Tuesday, May 19, dues-paying Guild members will cast their votes by emailing between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. In the subject line, please write your full name and the word “yes” or “no.”
Ultimately, the decision is yours. To ratify this tentative agreement, a majority of dues-paying Guild members who case a vote must say “yes.” If you have questions and cannot make one of the all-member meetings, you can always reach out to us via email at or on Guild slack.

Have a restful weekend. And as always, thank you for all you do to make The Post great.

With gratitude,
Katie Mettler, co-chair for news
David DeJesus, co-chair for commercial; and the members of the Post Guild bargaining committee and Post Guild leadership

Front Page Awards Announcement – Three $500 Grand Prizes


Nominations for the annual Washington-Baltimore News Guild Front Page awards are now open. The awards are for work completed in 2018.

This year we have the following news categories:

  • Morton Mintz Award for Investigative Reporting or Public Service Reporting
  • Bernie Harrison Memorial Award for Commentary/News Analysis
  • Frank C. Porter Memorial Award for Labor and Business Reporting
  • Customer Service Professional of the Year
  • National or International News
  • Sports News
  • Local News
  • Best User Experience
  • Feature Photography
  • Local News Photography
  • National News Photography
  • Best Graphic Design
  • Best Technical or Data Work

From the nominees there are three Grand Prizes for $500

  • The Bill Pryor Memorial Grand Prize for Writing
  • The Bill Pryor Memorial Grand Prize for Photography
  • John Albano Memorial Grand Prize for Art.

The judges will select individual Grand Prize winners from among the winners of the individual Front Page winners. Please note: Only dues paying members are eligible for the cash prize.

Please complete a nomination form and submit it to Peter Brusoe at no later than June 7, 2019 by midnight east coast time.

2019 Front Page Entry Form

Self-nominations are permitted, but you may not submit more than two entries per category. Questions? Contact Peter at

Lambda Legal Union Employees Hold Lunch-Out


Today, Lambda Legal’s employee union (Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035) held a brief collective lunch-out at the organization’s New York Headquarters on Wall Street.

Employees in other Lambda Legal offices also showed support for the lunch-out by posting pictures holding signs reading “LAMBDA LEGAL STAFF DEMAND A FAIR CONTRACT NOW” on social media.

Since negotiations began in May of 2018, Lambda Legal management and its representatives at known anti-union law firm Seyfarth Shaw have been reluctant to schedule bargaining sessions, typically agreeing only to one or two per month. Further, management has cancelled or postponed one third of scheduled bargaining sessions (seven out of 21) – four of them in 2019 alone. These cancellations are frequently attributed to the Seyfarth Shaw attorneys’ inability to attend previously-agreed upon dates, despite the fact that five separate Seyfarth Shaw attorneys (and multiple interns) have appeared at various bargaining sessions and that Lambda Legal management representatives initially agreed to bargain without labor attorneys present at all.

Although six weeks remain until the anniversary of the first bargaining session, Lambda Legal management shows no signs of urgency towards completing a contract. Staff have been left waiting for a response to proposals on important issues like salaries and retirement benefits for a month and a half or more. Moreover, management representatives continue to take positions at odds with the organization’s stated values. At the most recent bargaining session, management representatives objected to contract language that would have committed the organization to ensuring transgender employees’ continued access to medically necessary transition-related health care.

“Lambda Legal respects and supported our employees’ right to unionize and looks forward to working together to support the shared goals of the newly-formed union and the organization,” the organization wrote in a statement in October of 2018. However, these continued delays belie the organization’s stated commitment to resolving negotiations as quickly as possible.

Today’s lunch-out was organized with the intention of building solidarity, demonstrating to management that the staff – despite these continued stalling tactics – is committed to reaching a fair contract as soon as possible, and demanding that Lambda Legal management bargain in good faith and live up to the organization’s publicly stated values.

After the lunch-out, employees returned to work as normal.