The AFL-CIO is not a union that bargains contracts for employees, but rather a federation of more than 50 affiliated unions.The federation has several distinct sections and sponsors many programs, all aimed at advancing social and economic justice for U.S. workers by enabling them to have a say on the job, as well as in their own government and communities.

In 1956, with the merger of the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations, editorial staff of the CIO News brought their Washington Newspaper Guild contract with them when they moved into AF of L headquarters. They soon had organized other staff at the federation.

Currently, about 120 AFL-CIO headquarters and field staff are protected by a contract that is bargained and enforced by the Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild.

AFL-CIO Guild Shop, Two Affiliated Units Have New CBAs

The 160-member Guild unit at AFL-CIO headquarters is working under a new 30-month collective bargaining agreement that immediately paid one week of salary as a signing bonus. The contract for the labor federation’s professional employees, which runs to March 31, 2018, expired Sept. 30, but had 120 days of retroactivity; a tentative agreement was reached […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Chair: Dan Gabor
Phone: 610-742-3748

Vice Chair-HQ: Celeste Drake
Phone: 202-637-5344

Vice Chair-Field: Pablo De Leon
Phone: 941-323-2058

Grievance Chair: Isaac Gobern
Phone: 919-449-4072

Secretary: Tiffany Heath
Phone: 202-639-6247

Grievance & Mobilization: Chris Kenngott

Unit Address
AFL-CIO Headquarters
815 16th St. NW
Washington, DC
Local Staff Representative Cet Parks