Despite its original name – the Bureau of National Affairs – the former “BNA” has never been a government entity.

The Guild has been representing what are now “Bloomberg-BNA” employees since 1938, when Local 35 of the American Newspaper Guild signed a contract with United States News Publishing Corp., the precursor to U.S. News and World Report.

At the time, daily and weekly publications of the firm’s BNA Division provided information on the business of government: mainly tax issues and trade regulations.

During the Great Depression, emergency actions by the Roosevelt Administration resulted in new regulations seemingly every day, and businesses relied on BNA for up-to-date information.

In 1946, U.S. News contemplated shutting down BNA. But its publisher, David Lawrence, agreed to sell the division to its employees. The deal was completed in January 1947, making BNA one of the oldest employee-owned corporations in the U.S. Along with the sale of BNA went its Guild representation.

The Guild maintained a strong presence at BNA for more than 70 years. Along with securing guaranteed annual pay raises, outstanding health insurance benefits, and leave time for new parents, the Guild led the way in making BNA a progressive company committed to fairness and respect for its employees.

In 2011, BNA was purchased by Bloomberg. Today, about 700 reporters, editors, customer service reps, production workers, accounting staffers, computer technicians and other Bloomberg-BNA workers in Arlington and Rockville are protected by a contract that is bargained and enforced by the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.

Another two dozen B-BNA Correspondents around the country are covered by a separate WBNG contract.

Number of BBNA Workers Under Guild Jurisdiction to Grow

Bloomberg-BNA is absorbing the separate Bloomberg Government operation, which will result in 40 additional bargaining-unit employees, putting the number of workers in the  Guild’s jurisdiction at more than 700. About 10 BBNA employees will relocate to BGOV offices on K Street. Meanwhile, in a move affecting about 90 Guild-covered employees, BBNA is moving its Bethesda-based […]

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Bloomberg-BNA Correspondents Unit Wins in New Three-Year Deal

The Bloomberg-BNA unit of about two dozen correspondents based outside of the Washington area ratified a new contract in July that mirrors most of the features in the three-year deal signed by the larger BBNA Guild unit earlier this year. In the latest Correspondents contract, Guild members will receive raises of 3.15 percent to 4.55 […]

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New Year — New Contract

RATIFICATION BONUS TO BE PAID IN JANUARY UNLIMITED MERIT, SPOT BONUSES 401(K) IMPROVEMENTS DOUBLING OF PARENTING LEAVE In late December, Guild members overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement the Guild bargaining team reached with management, triggering the payment of a $425 signing bonus to each employee and an improved 401(k) match for employees not covered by […]

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Tentative Agreement! New Deal Protects Guaranteed Pay Raises

The Guild and BBNA management reached tentative agreement in the early morning hours Wednesday on a new contract that will increase wages, freeze health care costs for two years, increase new-parent leave and protect retiree health care. Guild members will still need to ratify the agreement for it to go into effect. The agreement would […]

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Guild and Management Recess Talks Guild Bargainers Working on Comprehensive Proposal

Guild and management bargainers agreed yesterday to take a break in off-the-record negotiations so the Guild can work on a complete counter-proposal to management’s “alternative” proposal. Management set a self-imposed deadline of December 15th to reach an agreement. Guild bargain- ers are working to have a comprehensive counter by Monday, while continuing to perform their […]

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‘Off-the-Record’ Contract Talks Continue

The Guild and BBNA management for the past couple of weeks have been conducting negotiations in “off-the-record” talks. In these off-the-record talks, each side has agreed not to publicize anything said during the discus- sions or reveal any proposals that might be exchanged. That is the primary reason you haven’t heard much from us during […]

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Summary (and by No Means a Complete List) of BBNA Proposed Takebacks

No vacation carryover Guild sick leave bank dissolved BBNA has right to unilaterally reduce health benefits and/or increase co-pays, deductibles etc. Starting as early as 2017, employees would have to pay premiums based on a percentage — up to 30% (35% in 2018), at BBNA’s discretion Starting as early as 2017, pre-medicare retirees would have to […]

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Guild Proposes Major Improvements; BBNA Proposes Gutting Contract

The Guild Tuesday delivered a proposal for a new contract, containing pay raises ranging up to eight percent a year; a sharp increase in new parent leave; reduced health costs; student loan aid; improved vacation provisions; improved 401(k) matching; and much more. BBNA proposed two contracts — yes, that’s correct. BOTH would attack job security; […]

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Laura Francis Re-elcted Unit Chair

TWO NEW OFFICERS JOIN LEADERSHIPTEAM Guild members last week overwhelmingly re-elected Laura Francis as their unit chair. She defeated Scott Harper, who was one of the unit vice chairs. Francis had served as co-chair with Gwen Holmes for the past two years. Holmes did not seek re- election, and Guild members decided earlier to return […]

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Guild Stalwart Retires

Many may not know it, but the good salaries, excellent benefits, and job security that Bloomberg BNA employees enjoy are due in no small part to the tireless work of one person — Reza Namdar. For the better part of three decades, when a BNA employee (and yes it was just BNA for most of […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Unit Chair: Fatima Hussein
Phone: 202-808-1790

Vice Chair: Peter Brusoe
Phone: 202-416-3464

Vice Chair: Gary Diggs
Phone: 703-341-3850

Vice Chair: Bruce Kaufman
Phone: 703-341-3842

Secretary: Tammy Madison
Phone: 703-341-5907

Unit Address
1801 S. Bell Street
Arlington, VA 22202
Local Staff Representative Paul Reilly Contracts & Documents Contract January 18, 2019 - February 28, 2022