M+R Strategic Services

Nearly 90 staff members at M+R Strategic Services voted to join the Guild in October of 2017. The unit consists of digital and communications staff at the agency. Staff are working toward bargaining their first contract. Updates will be posted as bargaining progresses. 

State of the Union, October 2017

With the ratification of a tentative agreement at The American Prospect expected to take place shortly and the signing of a first contract at the FP Group, the Washington-Baltimore News Guild will have in place 32 collective bargaining agreements with 31 employers. Only two of these WBNG units are working under expired contracts, with Guild-covered […]

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Staff at M+R Strategic Services Votes Guild

Members of a prospective bargaining unit of nearly 90 workers at a communications firm that specializes in work for nonprofit organizations voted Sept. 20 to join the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. A majority of the eligible employees of M+R¬†Strategic Services had signed union-representation cards by early last summer. But when they asked the firm to voluntarily […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Unit Chair: Lillyanne Daigle
Phone: 978-500-4480

Vice Chair: Sarah Coughlon
Phone: 617-959-1535

Secretary: Marlee Walters
Phone: 717-314-6598

Local Staff Representative Paul Reilly Contracts & Documents Contract December 21, 2018 - June 30, 2021