Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO

A smaller unit – the CBA language lists five Guild-covered positions – the Central Labor Council for the nation’s capital, the Metropolitan Washington Council (MWC). The latest MWC contract was negotiated by the outgoing president of the AFL-CIO regional organization, Joslyn N. Williams. 

AFL-CIO Guild Shop, Two Affiliated Units Have New CBAs

The 160-member Guild unit at AFL-CIO headquarters is working under a new 30-month collective bargaining agreement that immediately paid one week of salary as a signing bonus. The contract for the labor federation’s professional employees, which runs to March 31, 2018, expired Sept. 30, but had 120 days of retroactivity; a tentative agreement was reached […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Chair: Chris Garlock
Phone: 202-974-8153

Unit Address
888 16th Street NW, #520
Washington, DC 20006
Local Staff Representative Richard Ehrmann Contracts & Documents Contract January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017