The American Prospect

A new unit at the Guild, staff at The American Prospect are working towards a first contract. Unit leaders will be added as soon as they are elected.

State of the Union, October 2017

With the ratification of a tentative agreement at The American Prospect expected to take place shortly and the signing of a first contract at the FP Group, the Washington-Baltimore News Guild will have in place 32 collective bargaining agreements with 31 employers. Only two of these WBNG units are working under expired contracts, with Guild-covered […]

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State of the Union

With the announcements that staff at Raw Story Media, The Real News Network, and the Democratic Socialists of America all have received voluntary recognition of the Guild as their exclusive bargaining representative, the WBNG roster now shows 36 individual shops.    Local 32035 is in negotiations over initial contracts with: The FP Group (, where […]

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American Prospect Grants Voluntary Recognition to WBNG

In a letter from the publisher and its top editors, The American Prospect management announced that it is voluntarily recognizing the Washington-Baltimore News Guild as the exclusive bargaining agent for magazine staff. According to WBNG Local Representative Paul Reilly, the Guild unit will have eight members. The staffers had advised management of their filing for […]

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Staff at The American Prospect File for Union Election

Today, staff at The American Prospect, filed for a union representation vote with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. The Prospect has been a strong, independent and progressive source of journalism for more than 25 years. Making a move to form a union with the Guild will allow all staff at the Prospect to carry out its mission: to advance […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Unit Chair: Sam Ross-Brown

Local Staff Representative Paul Reilly