United Way Worldwide

The United Way Worldwide’s Department of Labor Participation serves as AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison to workers and their families across the nation.  Six professional staff in the department are protected by a contract that is bargained and enforced by the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild. 

New Two-Year Deal at United Way Worldwide

Local 32035 bargainers recently achieved a new contract for a half-dozen Guild members at United Way Worldwide’s Department of Labor Participation. The agreement runs through April 30, 2018. Highlights of the contract include raises of 3.5 percent each year and a signing bonus of $1,000. The employer is increasing its share of the cost of […]

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Two Guild Units Win Big Wage Gains

The 100 Guild members at Radio Free Asia have ratified a three-year agreement providing January wage hikes that will be 1 percent above the increases realized by federal employees. At United Way Worldwide, six WBNG-represented employees have secured a one-year contract extension featuring a 3 percent pay boost.

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United Way Signs Card-Check Agreement With Guild

United Way Worldwide has signed a card-check agreement with The NewsGuild. The action is a result of negotiations taking place since May, when about three dozen UWW “associates” voted against forming a WBNG unit. Under the new neutrality agreement, both the professional associates and support staff will be able to more easily organize a Guild […]

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Unit Facts - At a Glance

Unit Leadership Chair: Kelly Temple

Unit Address
701 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2045
Local Staff Representative Paul Reilly Contracts & Documents Contract May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2018